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Couple love is A Daily Decision

Couple love is A decision and How to stay motivated to love your partner

Yes, you need to feel chemistry, share experiences, attraction etc. However, in the long term couple love is a decision. You should also bear in mind that love is made up of different languages ​​and understanding your partner’s is a very important point.

We are used to fantasizing about the ideal love. That romance of adventure and passion that completes our life. But the truth is that living a love affair is much more than the smiling images that we see in most movies.

Once we have overcome the images of fairy tales that we have about the love of a couple, it is possible to reach the emotional maturity of understanding that couple love is a decision .

You  have the power to foster love daily . But, how to promote couple love?
How to stay motivated to decide to love your partner?
And how to make sure that it is not only you who decides to love every day?

Here are the answers to these questions and several tips to improve your relationship .

Tips Of Couple Love to improve your relationship

Decide to focus on the best in your partner

Your partner has hundreds of positives . It has virtues, capabilities, attributes, strengths, etc. and you can choose to focus on them.

And a lot of attention!

I don’t mean to forgive or overlook all failures.

I mean to choose your battles and decide how much time and importance you will give to each one of them.

Reflect on the following:

When your partner does something good, do you highlight it with the same intensity as when he does something bad?

Do you thank with the same emotion with which you demand?

Simple questions, but sadly often ignored.

So, if you make the decision to love today, start by valuing your partner and letting them know.

Value the moments they share , the kiss when they say goodbye, the found smile and their way of doing things. Highlight everything positive that you live with your partner and decide to focus on it .

Of course, read carefully; you should focus on the positive you have with your partner, on the real thing .

Not idealized!

If you have read several of my articles before, you will remember that I always emphasize the importance of concentrating on reality and not on ideal fantasies . And that is why today I highlight it once again.

Be honest with yourself, look at your reality objectively.

All relationships have their positive and not so positive aspects. And just as you have the opportunity to focus on the positive in the relationship, you also have a responsibility to stop a harmful relationship .

So if you are living in a toxic relationship I will suggest you get out of it. Decide to love yourself and place yourself in an environment where you will receive the same love that you give yourself.

On the other hand, if you objectively acknowledge that you have a positive relationship and make the decision to love each day , then you can choose to focus even more on the positive.

If you are living a positive relationship, I will suggest that you frequently show how much you value it and that you decide to promote love daily.

How to stay motivated to do it?

I’ll tell you below:

Have a life to share the love of your partner

The second important aspect of maintaining the decision to love your partner is maintaining the motivation to do so.

Did you think that it is about waking up each day with the magical enthusiasm of showing love to your partner?

Because is not like that.

Although your partner is a very important part of your life, he is not everything .

You don’t live just to love your partner and your day to day is not just about your partner. Your mission is to build your own life every day , build what you are going to share with your partner.

couple Love is a decision, but it starts with you.

So have a passion for your life, discover something new every day, build your goals, be an interesting person. And with everything you have to give, decide to share it with the person you love .

Work for yourself, decide to build the best of yourself and decide to be a complete being.

And a lot of attention with this aspect!

Because you should not carry the responsibility of your success and your happiness on your partner.

In reality, you should not give the power of your happiness to your partner, or to any other person, or any other external factor. The life you build is your responsibility and it will be you who decides what to share and with whom.

Nothing and no one will come into your life to give you what you want so much, nor will they be obliged to give you the happiness you aspire to have. Understand that only you can build the life you want for yourself .

Now, the more control and satisfaction you have over your life, the greater the motivation you have to live happily. And that’s what this is all about, having your own happiness to share with your partner.

The passion you feel for your life will be your motivation. The life that you build for yourself is the basis for feeling satisfied with yourself . Therefore, love and the attention that you give to yourself, will be the example with which you will guide your relationship.

And so, the happier you are, the more desire to get ahead you have and the more you are willing to do for yourself, the more you will have to share with your partner.

How to transmit all this life that you want to share with who you love?

I’ll tell you below:

Communicate without taboos

Loving is a decision and, in couple love, commitment requires both of you to decide the same thing.

How do you make sure that you both keep the same commitment?

Communicating it without taboos. And please, do not forget that to have assertive communication as a couple, both must express and listen. Not only to communicate as an outlet, but also to learn to be recipients of what your partner wants, needs, thinks and feels.

Talk about everything.

Express how much you value your partner . Tell him what you like the most and how he can make you fall in love every day. Communicate your needs,  do not expect your partner to guess and understand everything that happens within you. If you want them to understand you, then communicate what you feel and what you need.

Talk more about your hobbies, about something new you discovered, what is interesting for both of you and less about things to do.

Share the life you build day by day talking about your goals, your fears and why not, the barriers that you decide to overcome.

Talk about everything that united them from the beginning. Of the most essential factors that made them a couple and of what they have yet to discover together.

And of course, talk more about positive things and reduce complaints and pessimism .

As I told you before, you have the power to decide what you want to focus on. You decide what value and time you want to dedicate to each adversity that comes into your life. And You have the power to decide what value to give to the positive that you have in your life and with your partner.

You and only you have the power to decide what is best for you .

Couple love: A summary for you

couple love is a decision. In couple , both have the power to decide what is best for the couple.

They can decide to love each other every day , show how much they value the other and be thankful for the positive things that they live in day to day.

As a couple, you can choose to share the best of yourself with each other. They have the power to build a life for which they feel passion and decide to give the best of themselves to build the life of a couple.

For the daily commitment to love to have solid foundations and adapt to the evolution of the relationship, it is necessary to communicate. Express and share wishes, dreams, fears, needs, feelings, everything.

The responsibility to decide and the commitment to love belongs to the couple , both equally.

Reflect on this article and share it with your partner. It is sure to become an interesting topic to talk about among you.

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