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Let Go To Those Who Want To Lose You – Let Them Win

Let Go To Those Who Want To Lose You - Let Them Win

There is a time that binding ourselves to bad lovers seems a coherent idea so To those who jostle to lose you, let go and let them conquer.

To Those Who Want To Lose You , Let Them Win

We get attached to them Because deep down we feel that we can’t live without them. Sometimes out of custom, tradition, dogma or just not letting someone down The one who we made a promise not to let go of the one we love .

However, no matter how good it seems to be a love, The time comes when we must let go of a relationship.

This one has given us a thousand reasons to leave and They have played to lose us and as such, we must let them win.

If we do not dare to do so, we run the risk of being trapped in a vice. And on the way lose beautiful experiences This is why we must be brave.

Letting go of people who no longer intend to make history with us. And if life predicts times of change, than to stay with us Sick and whose presence only spills loneliness in our lives.

We must uproot those sterile relationships

That they do not bring if not dry leaves Dead trees and earth, a moor of misadventures and the feeling that our fortune is bad love.

And if it is true, sometimes it can be a love so beautiful, which at some time brought with it smiles and sweet melodies, fantasy songs and illusions. But today, it is just a mere comic book predictable by default crappy by habit

To those who play to leave you, let them win

To those who try their luck with you, give them absence. You are too much love for so much immaturity They do not value or estimate the love you represent, those who play to lose you, allow them a world devoid of you.

That World Of hidden longings, of unfulfilled dreams, and of cold and icy nights of black afternoons without your kisses, without Sundays without your caresses, because you do not lose.

Nothing was taken from you, on the contrary, he is now without you
Let them win, let them play to feel safe You will survive, you will find your place between the dawn, you will not collapse anymore.

To see reality because there is no one in the world stronger than you At dawn make it bloom If they play to lose you, let them go .

Do not suffer more love , Do not tear the dresses of your soul, thinking about what was gone, it was part of you Complete these and you are preserved as you came to this world.

Go and run away from a bad love

Who is waiting for you to beg, in the end he will have to look for the debris of his loneliness. There, where you are … are you not .

Rejoice and you will not have to lie to him, saying that this is good love, even when inside, your soul paints a bitter and disconsolate face, remember that the heart belongs to the smile, which makes you smile.

To those who play waste ,you give them victory.
You , are a lot of love, for a lot of absence.
For so much indifference.
For so much heartbreak.
And for so many lack of love and tender words.
Those who risk losing you.
Bye .. let them win.
Keep a space in your heart, but not in your life.

You did not lose, they left you ..
That is much very different If maybe you’re right, you never stop loving them, but you will learn to live without them, those who tempt fate by neglecting you.
Let them fulfill their mission, let them go because they themselves were not there and never will be.

Each disappointment makes you stronger, more skilled, more resilient, and more mentally prepared.

A little broken … yes! But stronger

Because the day came when your dignity said; It is not so bad “
Because even though you loved her so much, you loved yourself badly.

And the day you smile alone and sleep without waiting for messages from anyone, and you fix yourself . “You got it” .

Those who play to lose you, let them triumph Because what they were everything to you … now they are nothing.

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