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What to do when they tell you they don’t love you anymore

What to do when they tell you they don't love you anymore

They don’t love you anymore ? It is Hard ! When they stop loving us, our world shudders in the sense of loss. It seems that a part of us left with the other person and ultimately, we feel that a good part of our time left with the other person. 

We feel and lose track of time and we wonder:

Why did this happen if I was an excellent couple? On many occasions we spent hours and hours reading hundreds of books, watching many videos of counselors, talking with friends and realizing that we are the best couple we could be, and yet; they ended up ceasing to love us. 

If this is your case. I want to give you a way out, the feeling that you will feel after reading this article will catch you so much, that you will feel a full peace, that it will make you feel as if this was not as serious as it seems.  Are you ready, ready?

You have no control of the Will of Others

You see, we can be experts in everything, we can be good at giving advice to our friends on how to make their relationships work. We can even give good advice to achieve a healthy relationship. Also we can do an infinite number of things to influence the lives of other people, but at the end of the day; these are the ones who decide. 

You can be the perfect couple, a responsible, hard-working, determined, loving, tender and dedicated woman that you want; But when a person sets out to fail you, there is nothing you can do. 

It is not your fault, you do not control the behavior of others, and it is that “whoever gives love does not lose, whoever does not know how to receive it loses”.

And this is very true, the fault is not always the person who stays. Sometimes and if not, on many occasions, it belongs to the person; that goes away. 

What is for you , it will stay 

The reality is that a fruitful, good, healthy, balanced and happy relationship is one that lasts. It is true that many relationships are clearly based on the strong need to  support a person that exacerbates our insecurities . And makes us fight against ourselves. 

However, when you find a person who loves you for who you are, who is sustained over time and here is preserved until the end. That person is the one for you. The feeling of belonging is not the one in which we take a person and reduce them to an object. 

No, it is someone who, no matter how he tried to go with another person, remains faithful to us; that person is the one that belongs to us. If someone stopped loving you, it is because they never belonged to you. 

The best comes after the worst

After a mistake that marks your life, it seems that your whole life was summed up in a relationship that no longer led to a goodbye. 

This is simply not true, because when love is truly present, it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 40 years old. When real and true love appears, it is enjoyed at any time in life. 

So don’t try to force something that doesn’t work; When something is not meant to be, it is because something better happens to it ahead. 

So you will feel safer or more secure in knowing that finally;   the right person for you is close to the next decision you make. 

After all, the biggest evidence that a particular person is not for you; is when it stops loving you.

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