6 Signs To know If Your Partner Really Loves You
6 Signs To know If Your Partner Really Loves You

How to know if your partner really loves you? Today in this article you are going to discover if your partner really loves you even if they do not show it (or it seems that they do not). And it is that when we have a relationship with a couple we have many doubts about whether we are loved, if we are loved or treasured. 

Sometimes we get into doubt when we see the person we are with, talking to other people, sometimes taking a long time to respond to a message or even certain things in their way of being begin to make you feel a little distrustful or uncomfortable. 

If this is your case, I want to share with you 6 signs to know if your partner really loves you . Before starting I want to make you see a necessary concept of love, and that is that this is a healthy interaction between two people, and that far from showing exaggerated displays of affection; love goes beyond these demonstrations and becomes something that you can see manifested in actions.

Signs To know if your partner really loves you

1. When He Really Loves you He Will include you in his plans.

man really loves his girlfriend

When you are important to your partner and when they are, they really love you; he regularly makes plans with you in mind, that is, he knows that you are in his life and therefore he knows that whatever he decides or does, at least in most cases it can affect you. 

When your partner treasures and values ​​every minute by your side, he is always looking to spend quality time with you; so that the relationship is cultivated and can continue to grow. 

2. Take your opinions into account.

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A person who does not love you is indifferent to your way of thinking and usually sets the rule that only his voice counts; When a person truly loves you , he takes the time to listen to you and get to know your ideas, your beliefs and values ​​better. 

And although it is true, he will not agree with everything you say; He will always seek that your ideas and opinions receive the treatment and respect they deserve. A person who does not love you will try to impose his ideas on you even above the relationship; even if it is destroyed in the attempt. 

3. If He Really Loves you Respect your space.

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When a person does not respect your space, when they usurp the time that is yours and instead of treasuring it as a private place for you, it is because they simply do not love you or forge a lose-win relationship with you where you must be aligned; aligned with his schedule. 

While he or she maintains a sneaky relationship with you. They see each other only when she can, only when he has time; They go out only where he says they will go, they share time that only she allows; And it is done only when she has time, while it is you who ends up changing her agenda, her time and her schedule to align it with that of the other. The latter cannot be love , it is a dependency relationship. 

4. Take care of the relationship.

man really loves his wife and feed her

When a person truly loves you; He also loves the relationship that he builds with you, he always intends to be aware of the relationship itself, he makes space and tries that the relationship has the time it deserves. When a person does not love you, much less treasures the relationship he maintains with you; it becomes a lot of excuses. 

Avoiding becomes the constant in the supposed relationship. Always busy, always immersed in herself, she never has time for anything else. It is friends, it is work, it is hobbies, he or she herself, and finally the relationship that if there is time left, what is left over is given in crumbs. 

5. It is open to dialogue. 

A healthy relationship where they really love you is one where dialogue always occupies the first space. There is negotiation and never imposition, things are raised, those points where there is disagreement are discussed head on. 

When someone doesn’t love you, everything becomes a condition of “take it or leave it”, “if so; well, if not; I’m leaving then”. When a person repeatedly forces you to renounce yourself, your friends, your desires or goals, and above all without dialogue, then you don’t belong there, they don’t love you there. 

6. Show off you.

man really loves his wife and kiss her in cheek

There is a difference between making a social display of the love that both have and a very different one when the relationship consists of doing things in the natural: a photo on a beach, a kiss between flowers, traveling together. Showing off a relationship without going to the gross exaggeration is a sign that they really love you. 

When not, they hide you. And only when they need you; they look for you, when not; simple they don’t call, they don’t ask. If they exhibit photos with you, if they hold hands with you in the street; then there it is. If you don’t, then it’s just a sneaky adventure; enjoy it. But keep in mind that it is not real. 

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