Letting Go Of Someone Who Never Did Anything To Stay
Letting Go Of Someone Who Never Did Anything To Stay

You have to let go of those who never did anything to stay, Letting go Of those people with feelings from time to time. 

Effervescent we must let go of them, because they only made us waste our time by investing it in vain illusions. Letting go takes a lot of willpower; and far from seeing it as the end of our lives, we must see it as the beginning of something better. 

On many occasions we have had to see the need to give up certain things; the latter is what some call: closing circles , closing cycles, or else; finish the book and write a new one. 

Although it is true to perceive these things in life, it seems to be part of a mere vicious circle in which a 360 degree turn takes place; the truth is that if it is a cycle, but a life cycle that can change by virtue of our decisions. 

Starting by seeing this stage as a new beginning, as something that will bring new experiences to our lives, something that will add and not subtract. 

When we do this, we give up many things while welcoming others. Life is a constant continuum, which sometimes fills us with joys or nostalgia, therefore we must understand that things are like that and not lower our heads. 

At first it is difficult to accept it, because our pride is at stake, our ego interferes to the point of making us think about: revenge, retaliation or second parties. In the end all that pain will wither our being and finally consume us. It will be there where we will have to think about letting go. 

Whoever plays to lose you, let him win. 


Letting go is often a personal challenge that is exercised knowing that the other person – with their attitude – plays to lose our affection, our love and our warm mornings. That is why if you do; you have to let him win, you have to give him a life without our understanding and / or caresses. 

Letting go is an act of courage because it means rebelling against feelings and paying attention to reason:

  • We must abandon the one who abandoned us; and everything that with him or her left; memories, letters, messages, calls, photos, sheets and even smells. If we keep clinging to that person through a WhatsApp message or song, we will never really let go of them. 
  • Closing Cycles is really hard work because it involves learning again to live in solitude and in the absence of the person we once loved or else; Who we ever trusted blindfolded The pain must be experienced, the withdrawal syndrome lived as such, but this will be a process that cleanses the soul . A metamorphosis. 
  • We will have to start taking care of ourselves again, understand that nobody else will do it for us and that without a doubt; As much as we try to hold on to memories or promises, none of it will do much good. Only a strengthened self-esteem will be a useful tool to get ahead.

Letting go without looking back.

Go and run away from a bad love

Let go; means exactly that: letting go. Which means letting go of all kinds of things that can feed resentment, revenge or retaliation. We have to understand that love is much like a “risk sport”. And we can get seriously injured if we play it. 

Well, whoever loves you will not only have done it by breaking your illusions but also by stealing your peace of mind and appropriating your essence by turning you into something you are not. A person can harm you, and only you decide if they continue to do so or not. 

If you let him, he will be trapped; trapped in an eternal feeling. So to forgive you must have confidence in yourself, understand that we all go through these things; even the most cautious and caring people can be the target of pain that causes disappointment. 

If we reprimand ourselves for feelings of anger; we will return to a state of natural harmony. Our soul will begin a process of self-sanction and finally our negative emotions will have dissipated like fog when it is let go with the arrival of clarity. 

Not anymore; do not spend time on those who do not deserve it, do not spend more time on those who are no longer there .

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