Learn To Give Your Absence To Those Who Do Not Value Your Presence
Learn To Give Your Absence To Those Who Do Not Value Your Presence

when you feel that you are the forgotten one then you should give your absence to those who do not deserve your presence.

Human beings seldom estimate what they have when they have it; regularly wastes invaluable time, which could be used in the warm touch of the loved one: spending time with parents , with children, with grandparents in short with the people who really matter.

But what happens when we are the forgotten ones? , that is, when the people who should give us their time without having to demand it; They are the first to disappoint, deceive us, or leave us abandoned for days. When this happens, it hurts a lot.

When this happens we should not ignore what happens, hoping that one day it might improve. If something is not good today; maybe it won’t be later. It is difficult to pretend that whoever does not show you that they treasure and value you will do so later; when “they finally pay him, when he finally leaves his wife, when he changes house, when they finally raise the floor” .

All, promises; but will they be fulfilled? and is it worth finding out? So it is better to give your absence to them

Nobody knows what they have; until They lose it.

man cheat for Loneliness

They all know what they have, they just think they will never lose it , they regularly assume that we will be there for them. This phrase makes sense, because on many occasions we indulge in loves, friends, businesses or jobs where we are not appreciated; and we are simply there tolerating horrible treatment.

However, those things that happen; they are a message from us; for us, because they reflect our inner feeling, the way we value ourselves. If we consider ourselves worthy of affection, dedication, affection, we will surely expect that from other people, and even more; of which are special to us.

It is hard because there are people who are aware of the pain it causes; but they soon realize that they are just as unhappy in the relationship as they are without the relationship itself.

It does not matter if they are in the relationship; They long for something better or get out of the relationship. And when they are not in the relationship; they long to be in it and to give you their absence . So they want you also to give your absence to them . There is dissatisfaction and a need for something to be better.

However, what is the use of putting so much effort into someone who is fleeting? 

That is to say, nobody is eternal; perhaps the concept of heaven or hell exists or not, if not; we are simply stardust and as such we must return to the stars.

There is nothing else to wait for, we only have this instant called life; and what we do with it will depend on how we are going to enjoy our existence.

We cannot “owe ourselves to our public while mortgaging ourselves . ” This cannot work like that, there should not be a sacrifice to love or be with the other. We must learn to be ourselves without letting ourselves be carried away by the other; learn to live and coexist without needing beyond what is necessary; it is perhaps the essence of self-love.

Because we treasure our freedom.

When we are able to be free.

be free and never give him your absence

Being free can be perceived as the ability to be immutable in the face of external stimuli; this in a good Christian would be the same as saying: “what someone does or does not do; It doesn’t affect you in the least ” .

If it doesn’t affect you; there is no mutability; that is, you don’t change because of the things that affected you. Think for example of a person who has been deceived, “mutates” to become a cold, distrustful, distant and perhaps even unfaithful person.

Walking away is a gift to our health.

When someone hurts us, or we run the risk of being hurt; the ideal is to get away from that person. And we must remember that time in this life is short, the days are fleeting and we cannot spend them badly in the arms of those who do not treasure us.

Thus, we must give our absence to anyone who does not deserve our presence; ungrateful friends who only look for us when it suits them, a partner who mistreats, insults or abandons us, a person who claims to be our friend; but when he is with his friends from “another social class”, he rejects us and acts as if he does not know us.

Walking away hurts because our mind is torn between continuing or leaving; sometimes we justify others thinking that what they do is okay. For this, it will be necessary for us to talk about this with a father, a mother, a friend or a friend, to vent the pain it causes us.

A technique to let go.

Woman sitting on a park bench alone and dont give her absence

An interesting technique to let go is to record an audio, as if you were talking to the person who hurts you or who hurts you with their abandonment, and explain why you are leaving, why is it that you are leaving.

When you have finished recording it, you can erase the audio or keep it for when you have doubts; when you feel the need to give that person who hurts you a second chance, listen to the audio that you or yourself recorded and listen to; feel the emotions that you transmit in that audio and experience that sensation of pain that that person causes you.

When your being remembers those emotions, it will have the strength again to leave and not be trapped again.

Be free.


Unless letting someone go also means losing your home, losing money, your car or your children; The truth is that if there is nothing that links you; 

Letting go then becomes simple, because you simply let him go and what is more with him or her you will also release the emotions that he caused you.

Letting go of feelings, places, songs, melodies, thoughts and the person himself is the way to let go, to let go and give your absence to those who do not deserve your presence.

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