If You Give A Lot It Is Because You Are A Lot
If You Give A Lot It Is Because You Are A Lot

If you give a lot it is because you are a lot, nobody gives what they don’t have because We are not what others do.

When we have been hurt, we regularly adopt a hostile attitude towards the world, we begin a crusade to punish people, hoping that our absence will hurt them, however; 

We soon discovered that that, that only affects us.  We realize that whether we decide to open ourselves to love or close ourselves to it, few or no people will notice that we are here or that we have already left; however, as harsh as this sounds, regardless of how we try to respond to injuries. 

The truth is that if we give a lot it is because we are a lot. 

Have you felt the feeling of helplessness when you have given everything of yourself and have not achieved anything ? Have you sat alone or alone in your room regretting having given all your love? Sadly the world is ruled by the whim of the human being.

And as such, they can hurt us and even those who hurt us come out of the situation well, even end up better than us ; However, despite that, I told you something: “if you give a lot; it is because you are a lot ” . 

We make a huge mistake when we measure how much we are worth in the actions of others; And if it is true, we feel tremendous shame when we have been deceived, we look at ourselves in the mirror and refer to ourselves with harsh words; however, that does not mean that we are our mistakes. 

We are not what others do.

What is between your hands?

do not give a lot and give only what in your hand

There is a story that I once heard on a radio; 

and it told the story of two men, one rich and the other poor; the rich man viewed the poor man with contempt and handed him a bag of garbage, assuming that the poor man would estimate his garbage to rummage through and search for food. 
Nevertheless; the poor man gave the rich man a flower arrangement that he had cut on the way. The rich man saw him and asked, "Why are you giving me flowers if I gave you garbage?" To which the poor man replied: "we all give from what we have in our hearts."

If you give a lot it is because there is a lot in your soul. There is kindness, loyalty, help, forgiveness, and love. Those who are happy give what is abundant in their soul; Those who do not, inject poison, give themselves over to spreading pain. 

When you realize this, is when you no longer depend on what others do or say about you.

Have you ever made a special gift to someone who did not appreciate you? Did you give real fidelity and instead they were unfaithful? Did you fight to prove that you were worth it? Perhaps outsiders have seen you as naive, someone who is easy to fool. 

Nevertheless; You gave what was abundant in your soul , and at no time did you act with the intention of ruining the life of the other. You put what was abundant in your soul, the other’s ungrateful response only shows what the other has in his heart; and not yours. 

If you give a lot it is because you are a lot.

give a lot of love make you sad

Loving and not being reciprocated at all makes your love worth less. If you trust and they hurt you, your love is no less beautiful, beautiful. Who does not give love is because he does not have it inside , who betrays is because he harbors treason within himself. Nothing that the other does, represents you. Only that person. 

Thus, close yourself to the thoughts of enclosing yourself in picture walls, you do not punish anyone; Unfortunately this world is going from distractions and perhaps no one notices that we are or that we left. 

You follow your heart, hold on to what makes you special, and remain you in your own essence, if this world is contrary to your actions; it does not matter, because in the end you should not be what others are want you to be. You must be what you decide to be. 

Be more like you; less like them.

The lyrics of this song reflect it perfectly: 

“All I want to do is be more like me; and be less like you ”- Linkin Park

It reflects the independence that exists in you above the chaos of the context, the one that surrounds you and tells you to be just as treacherous, that tells you to act and move according to the same rules and that limits you to be like traitors tend To be. 

If you are going to love yourself , understand that you have to do so understanding that it is your unique essence that you are going to treasure; that like you there will not be two. Instead of giving to others, give yourself, give yourself and pay yourself in the same way. 

Everything you want to do in others; do it yourself first.

Be your priority and never let the attitudes of others rule your life; because if you give a lot it is because you are a lot. 

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