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Phrases To Raise The Spirits Of A Friend With Low Self-Esteem

Phrases To Raise The Spirits Of A Friend With Low Self-Esteem
Phrases To Raise The Spirits Of A Friend With Low Self-Esteem

When a friend , a sister , a colleague , a girlfriend or any woman who needs our help, needs Raise the Spirits Of A Friend and we wonder how we can help her, how we can help her when we see her destroyed or hurt .

Sometimes she is like this because of the wounds left by someone who did not really love her, sometimes it is a father who never appreciated her; a mother who abandoned her as a child, and we see how that woman so important to us is shattered and her self-esteem is broken . 

That is why giving supportive self-esteem phrases is necessary; That is why I want to share with you some of the most beautiful phrases to support a friend with low self-esteem. 

Phrases to raise the spirits of a friend

This phrase is attributed to Rabbi Najman of Breslev ; loneliness is perhaps the greatest manifestation of human freedom. And it is that being alone, we mold ourselves according to our tastes and not according to what others expect of us. 

Strive not to need anyone’s approval, and you will be free to be who you really are
“Strive not to need anyone’s approval, and you will be free to be who you really are.”-Najman Breslev

Manifest as we are, allows us to be free, to experience a sense of self-realization, when not; we are trapped in the prejudices of others, and in many cases these are totally irrational and inconsistent. A friend caught up in confusing ideas will tend to want to meet other people’s expectations; before their own. 

Phrases to raise the spirit 2
She is unique Now she looks prettier and feels perfect; he neither fights with his defects nor is frightened by his demons; He no longer suffers for his past and less for his sadness, and it is that after so many injuries he finally embraced his loneliness and fell in love with his soul; at last he understood that his beauty is greater than his fears and that his disaster is as beautiful as his heart.

A useful way to raise the spirits of a friend with low self-esteem is to make her see that after all she is a strong woman, who does not need yesterday to be able to define herself in today ; that her past doesn’t say who she is. 

Our words of encouragement can help you feel better and of course feel better about yourself; To make her see that she is beautiful above all else is essential, so she will recognize the beauty that is within herself.

Phrases to raise a friend’s self-esteem

Phrases for self-esteem and raising the spirit
“You are a living woman, the force of nature that expresses itself in beauty, the light that never dies, the word that never shuts up, you are the reason that life arises; the clear exemplification that queens don’t fall when everything is shattered; you are a strong woman and you could with your previous storms; you can with these ”. 

Reminding a friend of the times she was strong is important ; since it reminds her that in the past she was well spared from the things that afflicted her, and that just as before she was able to emerge victorious; today you can also do it in the same way. 

An interesting way to help a friend who is going through hard times is to remind her that she has overcome other torments ; and that no matter how difficult they were, she came through. 

Phrases for self-love admire yourself
Admire yourself for your past achievements, remember that you were a strong woman and that nothing and no one defined you or decided for you; that you managed to interpose yourself to the harsh reality and that no matter who has sought your evil; here you stand like the warrior you are, like this; You will be standing even when the last autumn leaf falls. 

Something I learned  was that it is necessary to admire the small details and the small efforts that we have made in the past. It is an exercise in self-esteem  ; where admitting past triumphs and achievements help us to strengthen the image we have of ourselves. 

So remembering past victories will be a useful way to help a friend with low self-esteem and low spirits . 

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