The Price Of Being Unique And Having Self-Esteem After Separation
The Price Of Being Unique And Having Self-Esteem After Separation

The price of being unique is that only a select group of people will like you. So don’t expect anyone to love you. 

A couple breakup cannot define you, you cannot be isolated, cloistered and interwoven between memories of yesterday that contribute nothing to today.

And that they spoil your relationships with other people, so what to do when a love ends and your esteem is empty and destroyed? Perhaps this article will help you understand what you should do:

If someone doesn’t do enough for you to stay in their life, then let them go. Give your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence and assert yourself as the unique person you are and remember not so much what you want; But what you deserve.

A breakup, a marital failure, even a friendship that expires at all defines who we are, where we are going, what we will be, what we have been or how we are going to end up living. 

Sometimes the endings make us think that our whole life is summarized in a single event and that beyond; there is only more of the same.

It is at that moment when our emotions draw and brush alternate realities where it seems that there is no place but to tolerate bad relationships or extreme circumstances, to lead us to loneliness; only friend who seems not to fail us . 

Given this, we question our value and we get to the point where we simply say: “I am not good for loving, nor for being loved; I don’t fit into anyone’s life and no one fits into mine ” . If this feeling embedded in the chest invades you, let me share these tips with you.

The price of being unique.

woman feel being unique

Something that distinguishes popular music is its high acceptance and how catchy it is. It sounds in all places, from discos, bars, gyms and recreational centers, its style is very basic, since it seeks an ultimate goal, “please” the largest audience possible.

That last effort leads to the music itself fitting in and adapting to people’s trends and joining a party to celebrate the tastes of its consumers; Which is fine, in the end, as well as being art, popular music is due to its audience and how it should adjust to what the public itself demands. 

Being unique on the other hand implies that only a portion of people will like something or someone. The effort that is invested in liking everyone in the end results in a tremendous hustle where you suppress your opinions, your ideas, your dreams and try to adjusting to the opinions of others, you stop disagreeing with others and instead become friends with all causes . 

When you are unique, only a very specific handful of people are going to like you , you turn to exotic and unique tastes. And only people who really appreciate you beyond the superfluous, are going to love you.

And among those people, the person for your life. The person for your life will find in you; to a unique, unrepeatable and original being, and for that very reason it will stay with you until the end. The price of being unique is that only a select group of people will like you. So don’t expect anyone to love you. 

Such a thing is to pretend that anyone recognizes a diamond in the rough; only connoisseurs can be attentive when they are in front of an original piece. 

2. Only you can define yourself To Be Unique

woman thinking alone after separation

Sometimes with the breakup, goodbye or the end of a relationship, we draw conclusions about ourselves. Coming to believe that we are incapable of relating to someone else, and that the relationship we have right now only predicts what our future relationships will be like. 

Without taking into account, that the other person also exists and is not exempt from feeling that way. The reality is that we cannot pretend that our future is marked by the experiences we have today . 

Since there is no determinism that confines us to live a life embodied in present and past experiences; we are beings endowed with free will. And we can be capable of making decisions, and one of them is: define ourselves . 

By defining ourselves, we accept what happened and we understand that this does not upset, much less create an immutable rule of how our relationships should be or the absence of them, only you define what you will become, nothing else can do it for you.

3. We Deserve What We Accept.

woman is thinking about being unique

It is simply this, all reality present before us is a mere suggestion of what is or should be; but in the end, as relevant judges, we are the last to say how reality can shape us. This is how we deserve what we accept and take for granted.

If after a breakup you embrace the idea that you were a bad woman or a bad man, even when the evidence indicates that it was not; It is then that what will determine your life, that is, you will become that bad woman that you accepted to be. 

In this life, it seems that the role we will play is defined by us; rarely circumstances, facts, ideas, opinions, or experiences. What will we be at the end of a goodbye? Only we can decide; only you can decide. 

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