7 Self-Esteem Verses for Women
7 Self-Esteem Verses for Women

The verses for woman are ideal because they help us to build a strong self-esteem, and today I want to start sharing with you this beautiful list of verses for woman .

Having said the above, let me share with you these beautiful verses.

Self-Esteem Verses for Woman

“Make no mistake, I am not a perfect woman, that would be vulgar. Perfection consists in approaching an ideal model and I have no pattern, I have come to break the mold. I am not perfect, what I am is extraordinary; unique and wonderful, if you want. And what I want is that you love me for each of my imperfections, because they are the ones that make me this unforgettable woman ”Irela Perea

Being yourself without needing the approval of any person is one of the first steps you must take towards building a healthy, strong self-esteem with which you can face your day to day.

Sometimes you will have to face unpleasant situations , people who cheat, lie or try to steal from you and that will be when you will have to trust you.

“Behind a strong and independent woman, there is a girl who had to learn to heal her heart, to accept herself as she is with her light and with her shadows, to respect herself and love herself to be truly happy and never depend on anyone.”

A strong woman is built every day with the small efforts that are made to heal her heart, it is enough to go out for a short run, it is enough to pamper yourself with a delicious coffee, or perhaps a good book; The truth is that everything starts with those little details that you do in yourself.


“She just wants someone to make her feel like fall is spring. Make you forget that you were ever sad. Someone to chat with her while she talks in her sleep. Someone who, when he doesn’t understand her, just kisses his forehead. Somebody with whom to share a coffee and why not, life ”.

There is nothing wrong with longing for good love; no matter where your ideals of dream love come from; whether they are old or modern. You must follow the intuition of your soul and the joy of your heart, do not let anyone throw into your mind ambitions that do not fill you or make you happy.

“Never allow pain, loneliness, resentment, jealousy and resentment to weaken the enormous strength that GOD put within you.”

We must always be positive at all times; even when things get tough and it costs a lot to get ahead due to the circumstances that life poses; our walk through life can be very painful if we let that be so. 

We must lessen the pain; forever. 


“Do not give up, you are still in time to reach and start again, accept your shadows, bury your fears, release the ballast, take flight again. Do not give up that life is that, continue the journey, pursue your dreams, unlock time, run the rubble and uncover the sky.

Life is a continuum of learning and it is the very essence of always getting ahead no matter what you are facing ; it does not matter if it is a divorce, the deception of a being who told you to love; Whatever you’re going through, you’re going to get over it. 

“This you see is me, no more, no less. A piece of BEING … a piece of humanity … a handful of laughs … a lot of dreams. A share of madness … a piece of sweetness with all my sincerity. What you see is me, no more, no less. A woman, sometimes a girl, sometimes space, sometimes infinite, sometimes passion, sometimes freedom ”.

Be in your pure essence, do not long for the luck of people who do wrong, or feel sad because those words that seek to denigrate your essence, as a human being you have the right to pursue your happiness. 

And so, do not voluntarily throw yourself into the arms of those who only seek to hurt you . 

“I will tell you something, I have seen things that have destroyed my soul, I have heard things that have killed me inside, I have seen how they mistrusted me when I was most loyal, I have lived the pain of losing someone I loved and that I had to forget by force, I have given everything for people who do not value me. But… do you know something? Here I am standing wanting to love and give all my support when someone needs it ”.

Indeed, here you are; facing the circumstances and without being cowed by the days that have passed and those to come. 

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