Tips And Actions to Raise a Woman’s Self-Esteem
Tips And Actions to Raise a Woman’s Self-Esteem

In order to start building a strong, solid and healthy self-esteem, it is necessary to start with the perception that a woman has of herself, which in many cases is based on the things that happen to her on a daily basis.

According to the RAE , self-esteem is defined as: “Generally positive self-assessment” . 

We judge our internal reality and our perception of “I” based on the opinions of others, and on many occasions on the experiences that reality brings us; a bad decision made; it breaks our perception of ourselves.

Getting involved in a bad business, being in a relationship with a person who criticizes us, starting a business and it doesn’t work; All this causes our perception of ourselves to deteriorate. 

And with the passage of time; The symptoms of a declining self-esteem are noticed when, we begin to feel inferior , little deserving of love and in short; wretched. The feeling of victimization arises that comes to reconcile between us and reality. 

Actions to strengthen self-esteem.

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To begin with, it is necessary to be open to working on one’s own self-esteem, and to perceive self-esteem as another result that we seek to pursue; think for a moment that you are going to go to a gym and are looking to lose weight; what you do is train until you develop your muscles, over time you will develop more speed and muscle mass. 

At the same time that you burn more calories and finally your body begins to look slim, with an attractive figure. Self-esteem works in the same way, exercising it will result in a better perception of “I” and for that I share these tips. 

Think positively of yourself. 

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Positive thinking is put into practice when we use what Gorbunov (1998) called: Autosuggestion , which according to Anchique Ramos (2006) is a process that is carried out, ” by repeating words or certain verbal formulas multiple times” . 

There are trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of autosuggestion to improve performance in sports. Which concludes that the use of this tool as a technique improves the ability of athletes. 

In you, that means that your self-esteem will improve by virtue of the words you use to yourself.

While if you use words like ” I am beautiful, I love myself, I am an intelligent and capable woman “. Naturally this will be reflected in your personal perception and even in your behavior. 

Use your words carefully.


Your mind seems to work and operate like a computer and depending on what commands you integrate into it, this is how it will work. Think that your self-esteem depends largely on the words you use to refer to yourself .

If you take care of your words, if you have a healthy perception of your “I”. It will be easier for your actions, your well-being and even your relationships to improve in obedience to the words you use. 

Eliminating harsh and unkind words towards yourself will be the first step towards building a healthy self-esteem. If you have been a victim of abuse; Perhaps all your perception is oriented on what your previous partner said about you. 

Your reality is not built on the basis of your perception of the world; but what someone else placed in your mind.

Release Thoughts and Ideas.

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We have always talked about the importance of releasing memories, feelings and even people. However, we must also enter into a process of “letting go of thoughts.” These that root us to feel less validated or undeserving of love. 

So as we get “derogatory” words towards us like: “I’m a horrible fat woman; That’s why nobody loves me ”, we are going to start to stop using them and instead we are going to use kind words such as:“ I am an attractive woman and full of kindness ”. 

Imagine your Best Version.

woman is imagining herself with self-esteem

Rolando Goicochea, creator of the Program: 30 Days of Self-Love Challenge , suggests sitting down for a moment and imagining yourself in your best version, having that house you want to have so much, occupying the job you want, and enjoying a healthy relationship. 

Your ability to appreciate yourself in the imaginary of your mind; it will be the new way to build your reality; and from it begin to build your self-esteem.

Use Phrases.

Young beautiful woman with curly hair and piercing holding paper with love yourself message scared in shock with a surprise face, afraid and excited with fear expression

The use of self-esteem phrases are really useful because they allow you to have a healthier perception of yourself, added to the aesthetics of the phrases that make them attractive to the mind, that is; Such a catchy and attractive phrase will be so attractive that you will want to repeat it for simple pleasure.

As much as if you sing the lyrics of a song; the same here; If you repeat phrases and messages for your self-esteem, they will positively influence you and your mind. 

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