Stay alone is better than being with a person who half loves you
Stay alone is better than being with a person who half loves you

Why you must Stay alone ? Have you felt that feeling that you are the only one committed to the relationship?

Have you felt that horrible disappointment of feeling that you should receive the same love that you give and yet; the other person does not want to do it? And what is worse, he has been telling you for a long time that this is going to change. 

If so, it is better to stay alone. 

What is the point of loving in total surrender to a person who does not do the same for you?


You surrender your feelings, your illusions and your deepest desires to that person .  And you put the world at his feet, you even change your life and schedule for him (or her) and instead it feels like no one is listening , much like talking to a wall. 

You come up with excuses: “tomorrow we’ll look at each other, I’ll call you tomorrow, I can’t today”

And you look in the mirror and ask yourself, will this time he will take me by the hand? Could it be that this time he will finally show me off as his partner? 

The worst thing of all is that you realize that you have nothing to do; It is that feeling that corrodes you, that makes you think that you are between being alone and having to endure a relationship to measures. Where they give you crumbs of love as if you were an ant; that’s cruel.

This is why you must Stay alone.


Life goes on and nothing gets stuck in a relationship; Life is such a short moment and therefore if you waste it with a person who does not love you; in the end you will end your days regretful . 

When you are alone again, it will cost you because there are many things that used to be comfortable with him; Among them, face that this person is no longer in your routine, is no longer in your days, you no longer call, or dedicate messages or time. 

Nevertheless; Over time, you will gradually adjust to your new lifestyle, little by little you will feel better and when you least feel that person will have disappeared from your mind; even if you see it every day. It won’t mean anything to you anymore. 

You know, it’s hard to feel how you waste your time; life itself in a person who is really a waste of time; who does not love you. Maybe, maybe if he is attracted to you, maybe he likes certain things about you, but he would never give himself up completely. 

And what is more, he does not try to ensure that you also enjoy the relationship. 

And yes, it is true; We must not seek happiness in others; in the end we are responsible for being happy ourselves, but nevertheless; you by the mere fact of being yourself are already happy. 

Nevertheless; this relationship with that person makes you less happy, fragments you, and distracts you from living for yourself. 

This will happen if you are single again.

  • You will have time for yourself; you know sometimes we don’t do the things we want because the other doesn’t have time, I remember when I was in a relationship and wanted to travel. Out of shame to what my partner will say, I refused to go to a place. 

I proposed to go out and she said: ” I have no money “, when we finished, a few days later she did go on a trip. 

That made me realize that I gave up many things for her, that’s why I realized that singleness is freedom , freedom to make the trips you want. 

  • You will give yourself the opportunity to find the one. The reality is that letting go of a person is not bad at all; on the contrary, it results in the possibility of real, authentic and true love to appear. 

How long should you stay alone?

Woman sitting on a park bench alone

Although many advise fleeing from rebound relationships; it is actually a very personal decision of yours. What you do will depend on whether you are really going to feel complete with yourself. 

So here time is irrelevant, the ideal is that if you find the love of your life after a week; then give yourself completely. 

Another thing that will happen is that you simply get used to the freedom of being single that in the end, you will have no more wishes than to continue like this. 

It all depends on how you feel. 


It is better to always be single than to hang out with a person who loves you from time to time.

 To be honest, I have not been involved in a relationship for years, I have dedicated my time to writing, reading and doing things that I did not think I would do so hard. 

I do not deal with dramas, nobody is jealous of me and I do not have to be jealous of anyone. 

I don’t care if that someone sends me a message or not, I don’t have to be watching what he posted on his Instagram and I don’t have to feel threatened by his friend. 

Singleness is peace and living for the better can bring so many benefits that in the end you realize that maybe just maybe; singleness is a blessing. 

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