10 Self-esteem phrases for women
10 Self-esteem phrases for women

In order to reap a strong and healthy self-esteem; We always need to highlight those positive aspects of ourselves, relate to people who bring positive benefits to our lives and discard those things and even relationships that only bring us pain.

Even GW Hegel mentions that “… well he is said to be happy who is in harmony with himself” . A healthy self-esteem is built day by day, reading messages of self-love, listening to interesting books or even going to talks that feed us.

That said, let’s move on to these sentences. 

Self-esteem phrases for women

“I am a beautiful woman, not because of my body, not because of my shoes, but because I value myself and I feel good about myself. I am a beautiful woman because I am different, unique and wonderful. And I am a beautiful woman because when I see myself in the mirror; I see how extraordinary God has done in me, he made me unique ”. 

woman self-esteem make calmness

Appreciating, treasuring and being aware of what makes you unique is one of the first steps to build a solid, strong and healthy self-esteem, because when you recognize that you are the beauty manifested in a human being, you conceive that you are a divine creation, made by the hands of God. 

So it begins by seeing you with love, appreciation and affection. Hold positive thoughts about yourself in your mind. 

“Love yourself, and never go back to the same place that made you feel insecure, sad, angry, badly loved, believe me; you don’t belong there ”.


Another step towards the path of self-esteem is the abandonment of places, situations, relationships and memories that fill us with sadness and pain. Loving and staying is tragic; but loving and leaving is brave. Look into your eyes, find within yourself the strength you need and escape from the clutches of the person who never tries to value you. 

“Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.” 

self-love needs woman to be calm

We are defined by our actions, and not always by what we feel. Sometimes we are what we decide, when we are trapped in a love relationship that leads nowhere, then we must remember what we are and what we want and ask ourselves: is this what I dreamed of as a child?

Think about your illusions and ask yourself if what you live is related to what you ever dreamed of. Do not? So go, go remembering that you deserve more. 

“A woman is like good literature, available to everyone; but incomprehensible to the stupid ”. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

We must understand that we are not always going to be appreciated or treasured by everyone; in fact, the finest fabrics are only recognized this way by connoisseurs of the highest and most luxurious garments. Think that the person who looks at you today and does not value you is really a blind man who could not distinguish a diamond from a piece of glass.

We must be loved by the right eyes. 

“Life can be complicated, painful and full of ups and downs. There are days when even getting out of bed is difficult, but do you know what happens? It turns out that you will always have other days, other people, other times, and other stories that make it worthwhile. It will always be a new beginning, new opportunities, surprises, coincidences and encounters can change everything. BE PATIENT”. 

We must understand that a hoax; does not define us, a betrayal of a friend; it does not define us, having to let go of a person who hurts us; it does not define us. We are the ones who choose what we have to be. Keep in mind that every day, every hour is a new beginning; What you decide to do today will define your future relationships. 

“Regardless of what happened yesterday, every dawn you have to tell life” here I go again.” 

Go and run away from a bad love

It doesn’t matter how many times you feel trapped; trapped, in misery, in austerity or the days that it seems that your life has no meaning.

 I understand that on many occasions you will feel that what you are doing is wrong, and you just want to be lying down; and you lose the desire to live.

However, you should know that this is not forever. 

“There is no person in the world freer than one who can embrace what he loves and let go of what hurts him.”

A healthy self-esteem is also useful for making decisions ; We start from the idea that a good love is the one that brings harmony, peace and well-being to our lives, when these ideas of well-being or harmony collide with reality; It is when we are really able to free ourselves from a bad love, a bad company or a bad friendship. 

Lacking a solid self-esteem, we are prey to the follies of others; anyone can hurt us at will. 

“Self-esteem ; Hopefully one day you will realize how much it is worth, that you can love yourself alone in silence and without the need for a kiss or I love you, hopefully one day you will realize how beautiful you are and that you don’t need anyone to see it. and to understand it, I only hope that you fall in love with yourself, that you love your imperfections and that your self-love is always greater than your fears and more powerful than your wounds ”- J. Wailen. 

happy woman

Sometimes it is sad but only experience is what shows you when to prioritize yourself, when to give one more try, when to mark yourself and when not to return to the same place from where you were not wanted. 

“Sorry, it’s late. I have met my common sense and we think that your false promises do not suit us ”. 

Self-esteem, self-esteem; two things that are so necessary when someone who does not understand your value tries to treat you as they want; Sadly, relationships, although beautiful in principle, begin to expire with the passing of days, and whether we like it or not, there are loves that will not last a lifetime ; some loves will only stay for a few seasons. 

Others will stay for the whole summer, some will come to stay until winter; but finally other new loves will go and others will come. 

“EVERYTHING after a while will stop the pain or stop caring.” 

girl thinks to let them go

When you develop a solid self-love, you know that everything expires that everything that caused you any discomfort or distress will eventually evaporate, it will no longer be important; do not think that this defines you, if someone left you, the latter does not say at all what you are. 

Hold a powerful belief about yourself. The best belief you can have is that whatever happens; you are still valuable. 

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