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5 Self-Love Messages for Women

5 Self-Love Messages for Women

Have you ever faced moments like that sadness of love and leaving a relationship that fails ,I know you feel that way so I want to share with you 5 messages of self-Love for you woman.

The sadness of a love that is leaving, of a relationship that fails, the anger against the illusion in its agony, the loneliness after a goodbye, and the feeling that you are worth nothing, that nothing makes sense;

That feeling of emptiness left by a bad love, the feeling of sadness that gives you the realization that your life is not as you planned.

How hard to face so many moments like this? , I know you feel that way so I want to share with you 5 messages of self-Love for you; woman, what do you need from each one of them.

Self-Love Messages for Women

“She could be more sensible, less intense, saner, less impulsive, more conformist, less girlish, more serious, less mischievous, more suspicious, less capricious… But you know what? I would no longer be me, so I stay as I am ”.

self-love needs woman to be calm

The ability to be yourself above the opinion of others is what ultimately determines your self-love; Self-love is what manifests itself in tough times, where resilience is needed.

It is of little or nothing to be another; if in the end you are not happy like that.

“That’s how I am, without ties, rebel; without fear of what they will say, with the sole intention of being happy; of being me without someone giving me license, permission or approval to be what I want, I am thus free, although many do not like it ”.

Being rebellious against a world that loves you in a way, in a way or that you adopt certain ways of thinking or being. In the end no matter how much you try to fit in. People are a set of disparate ideas, some will flatter you for those same things that others criticize you.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to please; For every person you like, there will be 10 more who you will dislike.

“How Beautiful You Are from the day you understood that you are not here to receive crumbs of love.”


Our passage through life lies in understanding how to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our desires. And the first thing is to understand what we want and then look for them; And believe me, collecting ashes from a burning house is not building a home.

Picking up the remains of another person is not love, and it is not living like this at all; fulfillment is found first in distinguishing what makes you happy and then looking for it and then finding it; and that happiness of course is not in the hands that throw pieces of anything at you.

“The Fruits of Self-esteem are gathered in the way we are loved; The capacity of the other to love us results directly in the way we treat each other; they love us to the same extent that we love ourselves; and they love us to the same extent that they love us ”.

beautiful woman has self-love

How you love yourself, they will love you, and this is a clear reality. It is of little or no use if you look in others for those that are not found in you. People imitate what they see and people who like you will take as a reference the treatment that you give yourself, and based on that they will know what way to treat you.

Think of your self-love , as a kind of instruction manual that details how the other should love and treat.

“Forging a healthy, harmonious and joint self-esteem with a full and kind love begins by exercising that self-love that becomes great with the small efforts of the day; An inverted book, a coffee in the middle of the morning, a talk with a wise man, one’s own caresses and gifts given to the “I” are what make self-love grow by (almost) natural law ”.

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