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Relationship Advices to be more flexible With Your Partner

Relationship Advices to be more flexible With Your Partner
Relationship Advices to be more flexible With Your Partner

Relationship Advices are needed so much nowadays for couples specially in this time of pandemic that cause couple relationships, both courtship and marriage, going through very difficult times precisely because of the constant coexistence in a single space, or because they cannot be seen as often as they should.

On the one hand, marriages are attacked by the fear of contagion, in that sense, the husband or wife want to visit their parents or relatives, this is a source of great discussions and conflicts in couples, so much so that they even come to decide on a separation or divorce.

On the other hand, dating relationships run into difficulties because the families of each couple do not allow them to see each other and thus more suspicions arise about the fidelity of each one.

In this blog we give you some relationship advices whether you are in the courtship stage or if you have already formed a marriage. We hope they are helpful and you can put those relationship advices into practice in your daily life to avoid conflicts and have a harmonious coexistence  with your family.

3 relationship advices to be more flexible in Marriage relationships

1 – You don’t always need to be right

first advice for marriage relationship to not be right always

The tendency to argue from a point of view is a human tendency, even more so to stay in a position against all odds is even more human, when the person is emotionally affected. 

In this situation, think that the fact that you do not continue the discussion at a time when the spirits are very excited, is the best option you have at that time. 

Although at this time you cannot go outside, especially at night, the best thing you can do is get out of the environment where the discussion is taking place, if it is in the living room, go to your bedroom.

Time is the best advisor and that tempers calm down, try to “count to ten” my mother told me. And it is very true, do not respond when you are angry or angry, because words can hurt so much that your partner does not forget never the offensive words you say.

2 – Daily write 5 virtues of your partner

In moments of crisis as a couple we tend to think about everything bad about the person, suddenly his greatest virtues disappear as if by magic and that person with whom one day we fell in love, becomes an unrecognizable monster.

Given this, I challenge you to sit down daily to write 5 virtues of your partner, make the effort, it is worth it. You will see that when you focus on their virtues, value their way of being, their sense of humor or their responsibility, you will feel better.

 Little by little that wonderful person returns through the days that you practice this relationship advice. 

3 – Do not highlight the mistakes of your partner with your family

man highlight the mistakes of his wife in relationship

One of the most common and most tempting mistakes is to expose your partner when you talk to your parents on the cell phone. Or when they are in a virtual meeting with them, talking about your partner’s internal problems, how bad it is for you.

You feel because of that person, it is one of the most harmful practices that there can be.  

You have a double risk, hurting your partner and worrying your parents or relatives, so much so that they will never have a good attitude towards your partner again. 

When you solve everything , you will not be able to rebuild that good relationship that existed between him or her with your mom or dad.

In the name of the love you have for your parents, the Psychologist Santa Coloma portal suggests that you propose not to speak ill of your partner with your family. 

 On the contrary, take care to find out how your parents feel in this time of quarantine, how they are getting along, what difficulties or challenges they have.  

Maybe you can watch a series together, discuss a book, or have devotional times all together. That will strengthen family relationships to a great extent.

3 relationship advices to be more flexible in your Dating relationship

1 – What is not your year, does not hurt you

Suspicion of suspicion, is a famous phrase, which suggests that we should not be constantly reviewing the past relationships of your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

“What is not your year does not hurt you,” my dad used to tell me.

 It is very true, if your partner is with you today , it is because he decided so, so if you see that he has a friendship with that person on his social networks, do not think that he means a danger to your current relationship.  

Trust him or her, trust yourself or yourself, but, above all things, trust God, who is the one who will take care of you at all times.  

“Above all things kept, guard your heart, because life flows from it” says Proverbs 4:23 , you can read Psalm 4 in full, it means that decisions will come from how your heart feels and the heart is very deceitful, So before making any decision or starting discussions, first, take the correct perspective that will always keep you with the joy of God. 

2 – If that person is for you, they will stay with you, and if not, it is better to let them go

relationship advice for dating both partners hold hands of each others

The fear of losing your partner, according to some current trends is very important, so much so that young people can face other people. Actually fighting for someone to stay with you is not the best strategy .  

God has a person for each one, all you have to do is choose the person well, take into account their words but their attitudes and deeds to realize if they value you or not.   Finally, if it does not, then better, so you give space to another person who may have better compatibility with you.

Insisting to be with a person, and trying to control all their movements is not the best of practices as a couple, it suffocates the other person and worst, it shows the great insecurity that you have.  

The best thing is to ask God to show you the best attitude, calm down and wait with the certainty that God will do the best not only for you but also for him or her.

3 – Pray for your partner daily

man pray for his partner

Prayer is very powerful, pray for your partner daily, if you can pray together, you will see that this practice is a great blessing. 

If it does not happen as a couple, do it yourself, because bending your knees before God in your intimacy will make God work in a powerful way in your relationship as a couple and will make that, finally, you can marry the right person, the one that God has for you.


As you can see, quarantine brings many conflicts in couples who do not communicate well. To counteract this negative effect of the pandemic and confinement, there are easy solutions designed from love, both for the time of courtship and for the time of marriage. Talking, praying and having respect above all are some of the keys that will work for both cases.

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